IPC Leadership & Management in Early Childhood Settings


The IPC’s Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Settings program qualifies participants a leadership role in Early Years settings and provides international job mobility and wider career options to work across curricula in nurseries, kindergartens and ELCs.  On successful completion of the Leadership qualification participants are qualified to lead, manage, influence and grow ECE environments and can progress on to continued their learning in related fields.

IPC’s Academic Team has designed its Leadership program to enhance and increase the knowledge, skills and experiences critical to managing, growing and leading a successful Early Childhood Center. The leadership role is multi-faceted and requires the individual to master a skill set, to nurture and foster early child care and development in a healthy, safe and quality environment.

This course is suitable for those who wish to work in a leadership role in an early years setting and takes 12 months
to complete.


  • Participants should be employed in an Early Years setting, as a lead teacher for at least one year, prior to joining the program.
  • Participants should have preferably completed the IPC’s Level 3 program or an equivalent qualification in Early Childhood Education.
  • Participants should be proficient in reading and writing in the English language.


  • 12 months


Access to a computer, laptop or tablet, and internet connection is required to review and study course materials and for submission of assignments. In order to receive the IPC Level 3 Certification participants will be required to:

  • Work in an early years environment for the duration of the program
  • Attend all the prescribed workshops
  • Successfully complete Assignments and Assessments for each module.


The IPC Leadership program is facilitated through a series of workshops, conducted by our highly qualified faculty. The program is supported by a user-friendly e-portal, designed to enhance the
participants’ learning experience, ensure productive self-study and encourage exploration of best international practice. IPC’s Leadership program consists of 13 Modules.

  1. Introducing Leadership
  2. Ethics and Cultural Proficiency
  3. Professionalism and Effective Leadership Skills
  4. Child Development and Curriculum
  5. Learning Environments and Student Achievement
  6. Educational Programming
  7. Managing Involvement, Relationships and Diversity
  8. The Inclusive Center
  9. Operational Excellence
  10. Human Resource Management
  11. Policy and System Development
  12. Program Evaluation and Improvement
  13. Business and Strategic Planning
    Each of the 13 modules will be available to participants based on a prescribed schedule. At the end of the program, students present the application of the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the course.


Assignments are on-going throughout the duration of the program and are intended to evaluate both knowledge-based and practical learning. Study material and assignment submissions are managed via the e-learning portal. Assignments include:
1. Reflection Questions
2. Module Paper
3. wRAP Assignment
A passing grade is awarded to those who achieve 75% and above, while a distinction is awarded to those who achieve 90% and above.