Educational Solutions

Early Childhood Center Evaluation

Evaluation and assessment is critical to running high-quality early childhood programs. Through research we understand that being able to systematically and objectively gather information; assess the data; and implement the resultant improvement areas, raises the overall quality of the program.

Aligned with international best practice in school inspection, the ECCE aims to provide administrators of early learning centers, kindergartens and nurseries with feedback and guidance towards attainment of high quality early childhood education across all curricula and learning frame works and positively affects child outcomes.

Early Childhood Solutions

We believe in the importance and criticality of Early Childhood Education for the achievements and development of future citizens of the world. We excel at providing systems of assessment and teaching that support international standards in early years, encompassing practices that are aligned to both the EYFS and NAEYC.

  • Startups and Turnkey Projects
  • Early Years Advisory

Education Consultancy

It is the company’s mission to provide highly relevant, research based educational consultancy and training, with a view to enabling educators to providing competitive global education. With global alliances, we offer products and services for the Primary and Secondary Level education catering to the needs of Regulators, Schools, Teachers Community, and Governments. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • Educational reforms and development of education agenda.
  • Strategic Planning and Program Conceptualization.
  • Curriculum Review & Planning across systems.
  • Teachers’ Training and Leadership Coaching for Educationists.
  • Institutions assessments and improvement plans.

School Improvement

We support both public and private sector schools internationally to improve their performance. We work hand in hand with schools to provide a client focused service.

Our 360 degree approach provides a holistic approach to improving a school’s performance and includes teacher and leadership coaching, professional development, student attainment, middle leaders accountability and quality maintenance.