IPC Early Childhood Care - Level 2


The IPC’s Early Childhood Care Level 2 training program qualifies participants as early years practitioners for children up to 6 years of age and provides international job mobility and wider career options to work across curricula in nurseries, kindergartens and ELCs. On successful completion of the Level 2 qualification participants can work in a teaching role and can progress on to the IPC Early Childhood Education Theory and Application Level 3 teaching qualification.

IPC’s Academic Team has designed its Early Childhood Care Level 2 program to introduce learners to best international practice in the field of early childhood education. By the end of this program learners will have developed an understanding of child growth milestones, will have learnt about the physical aspects of child care, will begin to understand how children learn, will understand their responsibility as an early childhood educator, will realize the role of relationships and will value the importance of communication.

This course is suitable for those who wish to teach in an early years setting and takes 6 months to complete.


  • Participant should be over 18 years of age.
  • Participant should have at least 12 years of education.
  • Participants should be proficient in reading and writing in the English language


  • 6 months


Access to a computer, laptop or tablet, and internet connection is required to review and study course materials and for submission of assignments. In order to receive the IPC Level 2 Certification participants will be required to:

  • Work or volunteer in an early years environment for a minimum of 250 hours, for the duration of this program (Participants are required to submit prescribed monthly forms, to show proof of volunteer work)
  • Study, research and reflect on 7 module topics
  • Successfully complete Assignments and Assessments for all modules


The IPC Level 2 program is facilitated through a user-friendly e-portal, designed to enhance the participants’ learning  experience, ensure productive self-study and encourage exploration of best international practice. IPC’s Level 2 teacher training program consists of 7 Modules.

  1. Overview of Early Childhood Education
  2. The Developing Child
  3. Care of Children
  4. Professionalism
  5. Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children
  6. Workplace and Family Dynamics
  7. Environmental Health & Safety

Each of the 7 modules will be available to participants, based on a prescribed schedule. Students are encouraged to take part in the online discussion forum and interact with cohort members. Discussion forums and assignments are moderated by our highly qualified faculty to ensure participants are able to understand, reflect and submit qualifying assignments for all the modules.


Assignments are on-going throughout the duration of the program and are intended to evaluate both knowledge-based and practical learning. Study material and assignment submissions are managed via the e-learning portal. Assignments include:

  1. Reflection Questions
  2. Observation Assignment
  3. Action Steps Paper
  4. Application Assignment
  5. Assessment Quiz
    A passing grade is awarded to those who achieve 60% and above, while a distinction is awarded to those who achieve 90% and above.