Reading is an important skill your child should possess. Each and every one of us reads on a daily basis. It is a skill that is constantly being used. Being a great reader may help your child learn quickly, study harder, get better grades, go on to college, and land an amazing job. Reading with your children can develop a closer family relationship.

Learning to read assists your child in communication with the world around them as well as expressing themselves. So, reading can even help your child make connections with other people. Reading also lets children explore worlds full of creativity and imagination. If you teach your children early on that reading is fun, they are more likely to continue reading as they grow and attain even more knowledge.

When comparing television to books, we realize that while your child watches television they don consumer-like qualities. However, when reading your child has a chance to create scenes and items in their minds. This creative skill can help your child grow to think of what could be instead of just what is. Reading with your children also gives them a better sense of humanity or sympathy and helps grow a better attention span. Reading gives your child a better vocabulary and coaxes them to concentrate.

When reading to your child, point to the words as you read them. This will help your child pay close attention to the words to see what the words you are saying look like. You should also try to teach your child that there are capital letters and lower case letters. Explain punctuation and spacing. These are all things that many parents overlook in the teaching process. Once your child is old enough, teach them to use a dictionary. Sometimes if they ask you what a word means, have them look it up in the dictionary and help them understand the word. Teach your children how to use tools such as this as soon as they are old enough to understand it. This will help them figure out some things on their own, which makes them feel independent, and they will never forget that tool they possess.

Reading with your children at a young age can also help you discover any learning disabilities early on, giving you a better chance at helping your child find good ways to learn around them. Dyslexia is a disorder that includes about 20% of students. There are many teaching agents out there that devote their work specifically to dyslexic students. The earlier you catch a disorder like this, the faster you can help your child learn to work through it.  Reading with your children is a very important part of their lives. It teaches them the building blocks for learning and gives them good traits that will help them all throughout life.